Stay Safe

Keeping you safe is my #1 goal I only stock products that I know are effective in securing your safety. Did you know, not having a British Standard lock can invalidate your home insurance?

Well Priced

The cheapest in Milton Keynes! I’ve created a selection of services designed to work in real life situations that are fast to install and don’t cost the earth, yet quality isn’t compromised.

Milton Keynes

Rapid response, 24/7 callout I live in MK so assuming you do too (or the surrounding area) I can be with you in the fastest time possible. Typically I arrive in 15 to 30 minutes of taking your call!

Practical Solutions


A true 24/7/365 service

I remember before I was a locksmith I lived in The Hub and a neighbour locked themselves out, it was about 7pm on a weekend. I tried calling EIGHT locksmiths. Six didn’t answer, one answered and said he wasn’t working and the other was in the bath, I could hear him sploshing! He said he wasn’t available for three hours.

Now I appreciate I have to eat, wash and occasionally sleep, but I will always answer my phone and get to you, no matter the time of day (or night). When I become so busy that I literally have no time to sleep, then I’ll hire another locksmith to work for me so standards don’t drop.


I really want to succeed

I assume, like most tradesmen that once you’ve been plying your trade well for 20+ years you don’t have to work 24/7, which is why locksmiths are often hard to get hold of, but I’m hungry to succeed. If you read my About page I explain this in more depth, but what this means is I value you as a customer, I value the trust you place in me and I’ll never treat you or your problem flippantly.

Why not try a Free Security Survey to test me out? I can show you weak points of your security and even show you how easy it usually is to gain access to your home. If I’m rubbish and don’t live up to my standards you won’t lose anything.


Domestic commercial industrial

While I often focus on your home because I believe everyone has the right to feel safe, I’m also keen to help improve offices, warehouses and industrial units, caravans, tents (well, that might be hard) but anywhere there’s a lock or security needed, I’d like to visit and work on.

If you’re a landlord, police, ambulance or fire officer, estate or letting agent, solicitor, another tradesman or even another locksmith, then I WANT TO WORK WITH YOU! Just get in touch and we can discuss how we can help improve Milton Keynes together.